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The client can watch the examination:
NEVER respect a test as valid unless you get to quietly observe it


Do you think that your person may have cheated on you? Relationship examinations, also known as infidelity exams, are the most common testing.

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Oxnard and Ventura polygraph lie-detector relationship, civil     and criminal tests


Since 1988: We can also test for thefts, drug
or alcohol use, and other disputes.

Write down up to 4 questions that you would like to know the true answer to.from the person being tested. Added to those will be our 'known truth' questions such as 'Is today Monday?' and 'Is your shirt blue?'.

Your person will sit still, and they will answer only with the word Yes or No. All questions will be discussed with the examinee before starting the exam, making sure that all can be answered with a solid Yes or No, thus eliminating shock, surprise or confusion.

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Anxiousness and nervousness
won't effect the test.

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